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Flight School Training


Red Bull had 300 active Student Brand Managers (SBM) every semester which presented a huge opportunity to beef up our training and ensure they start every semester off on the right foot. Our intention was to provide SBMs with an inspiring, memorable and educational Red Bull experience that ultimately set them up for success on campus.

We put an emphasis on key consumption occasions and the insights we gained from Campus Research to build our Campus Plans. We began by identifying the landscape of each occasion respective to our campuses, followed by looking at how different activations (seeding, hacks, on campus events, etc.) could pay into each occasion. This approach focused on strategy over tactics (ex. win the gaming occasion versus do 10 brand personality hacks this semester) and encouraged our field teams to think and plan more strategically than ever before. 


Led strategy and design of all training materials, supporting documents, best practice highlights and meeting recommendations.

Overall US Field Marketing team lead for roll out and execution of trainings.

Implemented train the trainer approach with field teams to ensure they're set up for success during their meetings.

Kept three key themes consistent in all trainings:
+ Give a global brand its local touch
+ KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)
+ 10/20/70 rule. 10% will be learned beforehand, 20% will be learned on site and 70% will be learned after the fact through 1:1 sit downs and proper coaching