Copy of Work Overview

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Archrival partnered with adidas to bring the locker room to the fan in a one-of-a-kind Team Iconic experience. “Team Iconic” also known as the Sideline Collection is the fan gear line that adidas sells at all of its NCAA schools. By partnering with key universities, fans were able to purchase exclusive clothing from the  Sideline Collection, Unlock Iconic gear in a team locker room experience and exit the same way players exit the locker room on game day - through a tunnel run experience.

Representing a $600,000 budget, we brought this experience to the University of Nebraska, Texas A&M, the University of Louisville, North Carolina State and the University of Miami.


+ Overall Creative Team lead for pre, during and post execution at five of adidas’ top NCAA schools.

+ Responsible for all strategy, branding, social content, consumer experience, client facing presentations (both adidas and each University) as well as ensuring Archrival’s creative excellence and given budget work hand in hand.


+ 5 university stops, 6 weekends, 25 event hours

+ 4,700 total foot traffic (Pssst, it rained during 3 of the 5 events 😑)

+ $40,600 total sales via the pop shop

+ 726 emails sent via the tunnel experience

+ 188 average fans per hour

+ $8.63 average spend per person

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We partnered up with the campus store at each University to exclusively sell gear from their Sideline Collection. They supplied the clothing, fixtures and POS machines.

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Fans were able to “run” through the tunnel and record a 15 second Instagram video for their stories. In under one minute, their video was ready to be sent out via email.

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Locker combinations were passed out via our campus agents, campus store purchases or purchases within our event retail space. Fans could go up to a set of eight lockers and try their given locker combination to win Team Iconic or signed University athletics gear.

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