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The Wednesday Warrior



As a developing passion and to keep me constantly engaged with what is going on in my industry, I came up with the concept of The Wednesday Warrior - a weekly email curated by yours truly highlighting my top picks from the week before in marketing, technology and design.

More than anything, this has established me as a credible resource among my peers as one of the "go to guys" who is always in the know about the latest and greatest activations, trends, etc. in the marketing and technology industries.

 It started off with only about 20 family and friends but has now blossomed into a full blown newsletter reaching well over 450 people around the world, now going over 125 weeks strong. 



Hey there ! 

Welcome to the Wednesday Warrior, a weekly email curated by yours truly highlighting my top picks in marketing, technology and design. 

Shower thought of the day: The longer you wait to get a tattoo, the less permanent it becomes.

5 Takeaways from Tide's Full-Blown Super Bowl Blitz

Based off the concept that everything could be a #TideAd, the detergent giant demolished all other Super Bowl ads this year. They released three 15-second commercials that would initially look like a traditional ad, but then it would zoom out and say "Yeah just a Tide ad." Best part... they faked out iconic commercials like Old Spice and even the Mr. Clean guy. Now, how did they use Mr. Clean? Isn't that beautiful bald man trademarked? Yes he for sure is, but they're actually both owned by the same company (P&G) so no lawsuits to worry about. Genius. 

Thought Starter: Is everything a #TideAd from now on?

Alexa Loses Her Voice - Teaching Alexa When Not to Respond

Why didn't the Amazon ad trigger the Alexa in your home when it played on the TV? To prevent themselves and any other prankster ads triggering their devices, they installed real-time acoustic fingerprinting into their systems. Basically, if all of a sudden devices all over the US start triggering at the same time, the system knows to disregard that temporary message and can do it quick enough so 80-90% of the devices don't respond. Touché, Amazon. Marketers could have had fun with that one. 

Thought Starter: Imagine if Amazon rewarded all prime members who owned an Alexa with some sort of discount... but it did it by speaking through a Super Bowl commercial. 

Netflix Just Pulled a Beyonce at the Super Bowl

You may have not realized it, but Netflix did something on Sunday that few entertainment companies have ever attempted. For the first time ever, they put out trailers for a full-length sequel called "The Cloverfield Paradox," but simply released it right after the game. So in essence all promotion and release happened in a span of about 4 hours. Pretty ballsy if you ask me, but that's exactly what they are and they have the budget to do it. Only one problem... critics say the movie sucked!

Thought Starter: If movie ratings and viewership are low, how do you tell if that's because they immediately released it or because it was just a terrible movie?

Bonus: To see some of the best Super Bowl ads, click here. As a follow up to the ultra exclusive Skittles ad, click here.

Thanks for being awesome!




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