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ROLE: RHO BETA team lead

During my 2.5 years managing the Student Brand Manager (SBM) program for Red Bull, I was fortunate enough to lead a group we called Rho Beta.

This select group of SBMs were chosen for being innovative, having a "get shit done" attitude and for being leaders in their collegiate communities. We used them as an elite group who would help push the envelope forward on activations we did on campus. 

During my time as the team's manager, I personally took several under my wing as a mentor, peer and coach for how to move forward in their career. Over the 4 semesters I managed these amazing individuals, we had an 80% hire rate within Red Bull, something I am extremely proud of!

Throughout my career, I've managed over 100 people in one way or another. It's been one of the most challenging and rewarding accomplishments of my life. As any manager can probably attest, I feel like they've taught me more than I've taught them! Here are a few people I've helped out along the way that I'm especially proud of.  

jack landry.jpg

Jackson Landry

Consumer Collecting Specialist

Red Bull

ross morales.jpg

Ross Morales

Consumer Collecting Specialist

Red Bull

meghan dermody.jpg

Meghan Dermody

Consumer Collecting Specialist

Red Bull

tyler paget.jpg

Tyler Paget

Digital Media Video Producer

Red Bull

briana menchaca.jpg

Briana Menchaca

Operations Manager

Red Bull

mel brummette.jpg

Mel brummette

Consumer Collecting Specialist

red bull

daniel matsumoto.jpg

Daniel Matsumoto

Head of Events

Museum of Ice Cream

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Hailey Williams

Ethnographic Researcher

Red Bull

wes lewis.jpg

Wes Mitchell-Lewis

Consumer Collecting Specialist

Red Bull

chris pilcher.jpg

Chris Pilcher

Field Marketing Manager

Topo Chico

lydia oxley.jpg

Lydia Oxley

Austin Outreach Manager

Imperfect Produce