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adidas Make the Night


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ESPN announced one week prior to our Team Iconic activation that they were bringing College Gameday to Texas A&M. With some hustle, we produced another event during the school’s “Midnight Yell” ritual where thousands of students and alumni gather to practice their game-day chants.

We modified our existing Team Iconic space and turned the retail element into a t-shirt Maker Lab. Students walked into the space, were handed a white adidas shirt and had the choice of ironing any combination of 30+ different patches onto the shirt.


Overall Creative Team lead for event.

Responsible for all strategy, branding, social content, consumer experience, client facing walk through (both adidas and each University) as well as ensuring Archrival’s creative excellence and given budget worked hand in hand.

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*Despite it pouring rain the duration of our event, there was always a line of about fifty people waiting to get inside the Maker Lab.